3 very important underwater photography tips to keep in mind for an amazing underwater photography!

Underwater photography tips # 1 – Underwater objects are further than you think they are

Do you know that the ocean acts like a giant lens? Refract everything you see underwater, with an index of 1.33. Therefore, underwater photographers should consider that when they wear a mask or when their mirrors are on their bodies, objects that may appear only one meter away are actually 1.33 meters away.

So, I am trying to say that the objects you see underwater are actually at a distance greater than it seems to your eyes. That’s why you should keep this in mind when focusing on underwater photography objects.

Underwater photography tips # 2 – Be creative with settings

We all know that automatically configuring your SLR camera makes it easier for you. However, remember to be creative. You can use the various settings available for shutter and aperture.

Using the manual for underwater photographywill be a great way to experiment with settings that work well and not underwater. Based on experience, the images generally look a bit flat with presets. This is simply because you have not adjusted the depth of field or the exposure.

Another thing you can try is to change the shutter speed setting. What this does is that it helps you gain control over the background color. Let’s put aside the idea of ​​how fast your object moves underwater, and until we use a strobe.

Keep in mind that using a shutter speed of 1/60 seconds generally creates a beautiful blue ocean floor. However, using faster shutter speeds, such as 1/125 seconds, will create a background color close to black. Questions why is that so? Well, the use of faster shutter speeds allows less light to enter the camera, which results in a darker background.

Underwater photography tips # 3 – Light is important

Here it is, light is indeed a very important element in underwater photography. That is why it is extremely important to use an external flashlight or strobe. These devices will give light while shooting underwater, so that all the colors of the spectrum meet in your photos.

When you try to shoot underwater without using external lighting, you will notice that the results of your photos will be painted in yellow, green or brown. Watch for lights that offer a variety of settings.

For beginner photographers underwater, it is better to use strobe lights. Stroboscopes are external light devices that can be configured automatically. The strobes have a measurement through the lens (TTL). This measurement is based on the automatic measurement of your DSLR.

ATTENTION: It takes time to improve our photographic skills. If you are serious and want to improve your photography skills to become a better photographer, then you should see these underwater photography tips.