Reasons Why You Must Buy Vivo Phones

Vivo is the most well-known providers in India. However, with a huge number of options available under different price bands, you need to make the best purchase as per your budget. Hence, we will check out the top reason why you must consider buying vivo y11, hardware and various other features to look at.

Screen and Resolution

The latest vivo Y11 has a huge and impressive 6.35 inch screen that allows you enjoy videos and photos at its best. It’s the best phone for writing the business documents or doing other office work.

The vivo Y11 resolution is a bit standard. But, it is perfect for the normal use, and can prove a little dissatisfying for people who want to enjoy their videos, photos, and games.


The Vivo Y11 smartphone supports 2G, 3G & 4G/LTE networks, so you will not have any trouble in connecting to internet. The phone has got built-in GPS and it is the most accurate navigation system that uses signal from the satellites and determine the location, no matter any weather conditions. Majority of the Vivo phones have got GPS unit and Y11 smartphone includes FM radio and is good for listening your favorite station.

Top Reasons to Buy Vivo Y11

  • The phone has large battery capacity and is best for watching videos & playing games for hours.
  • With the huge display it becomes simple to play games and watch videos.
  • CPU specs are very high that makes using apps stress-free.