Hydroponics At Home – Does It Really Work?

Planting without soil? Yes, that’s possible with hydroponics. Humans are used to planting in fields and gardens with nutrient-rich soil. But plants can grow without soil. They even grow a lot better when their roots are in the water or very moist air.

The method of growing plants without using soil is called “hydroponics.” Almost everything that you can grow on soil can now thrive through this process. Hydroponics is the process when plants grow through photosynthesis. They use sunlight and chlorophyll, the chemical inside the leaves, to convert the carbon dioxide and water into glucose and oxygen. Instead, what the plants need is enough water and nutrients.

This is how you can make it possible to grow plants without soil. An “I didn’t know this” moment that you will surely be interested to know about.

In hydroponics gardening, there are core elements that every farmer will need. That includes freshwater, oxygen, root support, nutrients, and light. The latter is crucial if you are growing the plants indoors.

So how does hydroponics work? There are different ways of growing plants hydroponically.

  • Nutrient-film Technique. One of the most popular methods is called the “.” It is done by positioning the plants in a plastic trough by letting it stand and the nutrient solution just passes a bit through its roots using a pump or simply by relying upon gravity.
  • Another known method is aeroponics where you grow the plants in air. However, the roots are suspended inside the container that is full of humid air. The roots grow in this nutrient-rich air packed with minerals that the plants need to survive.I didn't know this

Through the years, the benefits of hydroponics farming have been questioned by many critics. But after seeing the advantages of growing plants without soil, some hydroponics growers were able to prove that they can get yields that are as many, sometimes even greater, compared to those who are doing it using conventional methods. Only a few resources are needed and with that, anyone can start their hydroponics garden at home.

Due to climate change, it has become a challenge for people living in regions with fluctuating seasons to grow a good amount of plants, like vegetables that can supply their needs. That is why hydroponics farming becomes a great option for them. Even in normal conditions, it is still difficult to find a place that is conducive for growing plants. Using hydroponics, growing your plants at home becomes a possibility, even without out.